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Take charge of your life

Increase positive energy

Relax, Recharge & Rejuvenate Yourself

Experience Peace, Happiness & Vitality

Create harmony of Body, Mind & Emotions


space created for Spiritual Nourishment

Recharge Self

2 Days a Week

Rejuvenate Self

4 Days a Week

Relax Self

5 Days a Week

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9999 791 003

What will YOU LEARN ?

Body-Mind Balancing

Connect with Self & Nature

Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge Self

Ancient Practices of Yoga & Breathing

Create Positive & Constructive Rituals

Identify limiting beliefs, patterns & behaviors

Your Journey Today


Art of Mindfulness

Science of Creative Visualization

Science of GOAL Manifestation

Science of Intention & VIBRATION

Art of Let-Go of negative Beliefs

Art of Connection with Body, Mind & Consciousness


You Release:

Stress , Tension, Anxiety

Shyness, Introversion, Anger

Negativity, Fear, Mood Swings


Vibrant & confident Personality

Good Health & Well being, Harmonious Relationships

Peace of Body & Mind, Clarity & Productivity


Glimpse of Training

Transform Your Life


What is the registration process?

Call us on 9999 791 003 to enroll for the program. One of our representatives will guide you.

How many days in a week ?

2 sessions (days) per week
1.5 hrs each

I can't come to Campus/Office to take sessions?

You can take Audio (telephonic) or Video sessions through Skype, Google hangout etc

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About The Coach

Ashwani Deswal  Self Mastery Coach, an authority on Life & Wellbeing coaching. He is Mindfulness & Corporate Coach.

He is an internationally certified therapist and all his courses & programs are accredited by IPHM (International practitioners of holistic medicine).

He is also the Author of ‘108 Divine Seeds’ and ‘Energize Your Life’. He has Expertise in – Yoga, Meditation, QiGong, Nutrition, Wellness, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Leadership.ip.


He has served thousands of students from 112+ countries worldwide. His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes & results they desire in their personal and professional lives. 

He is blessed with a sparkling intellect, an ever willing intent to learn and spontaneous speaking style. Ashwani is a highly energetic leader committed to a life of excellence and self-discovery.

Founder at:

Ashwani Deswal International | Energize Yourself | ChangeLife Trust

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