Participants EXPERIENCES

with Energize Yourself

Energize Yourself is an awesome and Unique program by Mr. Ashwani Deswal. It is transforming my perspective towards life in all the domains.

Earlier, I had difficulty to concentrate properly. But now I am evolved and can concentrate on any particular task for a longer duration.”

Aditya Singh


“After attending the workshop I feel more Positive and Energetic now. I felt like sitting there for hours.

Ashwani Sir is an Amazing person and he created an atmosphere where all of us got touched by our Inner Self.”

Sahil Das

Executive, CMA Globe

“Energize Yourself is an Enriching and life transforming program. An exclusive mantra I learnt from Ashwani Sir – Higher the Energy, more the Possibility. Truly, an Inspirational teacher he is. Thank you sir.”

Prachi Singh

Artist, Prachi Creatives

“Ashwani Sir has uncovered powerful tools & techniques that purify and harmonize Mind, Body & Soul. It allows me to release accumulated stresses & Experience ultimate Bliss. I feel the sense of Peace and Vitality”

Mehdika Bagga

UI Developer, InSphere Solutions

“Earlier I had mood swings and I used to get tired very quickly. With these sessions I stay Energetic through out the Day. Energize Yourself is helping me each day to Evolve as a Confident & Positive person.”

Pragya Nanda

Web Designer, PromoteNess